The OASIS USA team and our UAS pilot network deliver customized geospatial solutions and services with speed, accuracy, innovation and safety. We pride ourselves on a superior and persistent commitment to customer service and data ethics.

What Can We Do For You

OASIS USA supports nationwide organization’s aerial operations with a full line of UAS platforms and payloads, including the specialized equipment needed to manage geospatial services. Our specialty is supporting and enabling public safety and security operations, but we assist organizations throughout many industries. We handle everything from the acquisition of photography and LiDAR data, ground control and survey, to the delivery of the digital 3D mapping data, orthophotography, terrain models, LiDAR classification, and/or GIS solutions, all of which can be produced in-house.

Quality, Accuracy, Timeliness

OASIS USA’s equipment, network and in-house capabilities enables us to tailor the QA/QC of any project to best meet client schedule and specifications. Our breadth of services compliments our corporate culture and reputation for producing geospatial services known for quality, accuracy, and timeliness.


Our Services

  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Disaster Response
  • Public Safety
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Precision Farming and Forestry Management
  • Transportation Surveys
  • Oil & Gas (H2S Detection and Monitoring)
  • Land & Resource Management (Fixed Wing)
  • Forestry Wildland and Upland Fire Program support with Multi-Spectral Imagery and FLIR/Thermal Management
  • Electric Utility, Wind Power, Solar Power Inspection
Tethered UAS


At OASIS USA, one of our key focuses has always been working with public safety agencies including Law Enforcement, First Responders and Departments of Correction. We serve as service provider who can bring cutting edge technology into the field rapidly, safely and securely, and have built an extensive network of SMEs and advisors from DOD, DOE, Law Enforcement, Disaster Services and Smart City Consulting. We have pioneered UAS adoption with public programs across the nation, and are always looking out for innovations that will make a real difference in public safety operation.

As such, we are very excited about our partnership as an authorized reseller with Hoverfly Technology, which offers infinite flight through their tethered UAS platforms. In addition to the infinite flight capabilities, these systems such as the Livesky allow public safety operators to push a button, launch the UAS platform and live stream immediately, for the ultimate in “command and control”.

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The LiveSky Sentry – Hoverfly’s Newest System

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We offer a free consultation of what our UAS Aerial Services can do for your organization. Our team members and Geospatial Solution Managers are committed to customizing an optimal solution for your project, and happy to speak to clients large and small about their needs to create a program that will drive results in the field, and in the office.

With locations throughout the United States, OASIS USA is always available to complete your project expectations and will always be on-time and within budget. If you would like a free quote or need help understanding how to best meet your remote sensing and mapping project objectives, contact us today.